You can see them frequently and almost everywhere in Catalan’s beautiful capital Barcelona – the red hop-on hop-off buses, called Bus Tursitic, taking you around the city and helping you to explore all angles of Barcelona. I actually never thought that I will ever go on such an engine that is only taking curious tourists and non-locals around. I prefer to explore any city by myself and with the help of insider tips from locals I meet during my trip.

bus-turistic-barcelona-800pHowever, I figured out that sometimes you should overcome your fear of getting around in a city the “non-hipster” way. When you only have two days in Barcelona and you want to combine a day at the beach, culinary specialties like Paella plus various tapas and extensive sight-seeing combined with a little shopping – there is just no other way! And let me clarify this: Bus Turistic is actually the perfect chance of getting everything that has been panned done. Without a hassle.

An audio guide (available in many different languages) explains important facts all around Barcelona and supports you in getting an overall overview about the city in general. As you can hop-off and hop-on on many stations all around Catalan’s capital, ¬†you are enabled to go and explore things more in detail if you wish so. Moreover, the bus has several stops along the beach promenade.

So, even for backpack-travellers it’s a great opportunity to see most of a wonderful city like Barcelona within a short period of time.